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Anonymous asked:
*psst* you should really practice your violin tonight, I'll be really proud of you if you do ;)

:D I will do it! I will do it for you!


very wee tesla


very wee tesla

box-of-scraps-sold-separatelysaid: ((I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE))



Artist problems #734

What layer is this on?

Oops I have my first violin lesson of term tomorrow and I haven’t practice all summer oops
What I need is a practice buddy, someone who will remind me to practice and say they’re proud of me when I do and make me feel bad when I don’t and then I do the same for them and then we’ll be practice buddies

2048 is the worst game ever I hate it

secretagentclintbarton said: im at the post office tomorrow to look for a box so i can hopefully send them out the day after that

Yaaaaay! Thank you Jo! :D

bruuce-banner asked:
I'm sure this has been asked and answered, but I wasn't sure where to look on your blog for the answers; What software do you use to draw your lufarts? I just recently bought a tablet and I'm playing around with different applications and really have no clue which is most user-friendly, do you recommend one? Thanks love!

I use ArtRage 2.5 to draw my lufarts. It’s not extremely fancy but I’ve gotten used to it and it’s been kinda to me so far. A couple of things: the paper has a slight shadow gradient, if that makes sense? I haven’t been able to change it, if it can be changed but that’s the only thing that’s really annoyed me so far.

I’m slightly amused because there is a little rise in pageviews from when I said I was going to put the bookmarks up on friday

I’m sorry friends I didn’t mean to not do that, Jo found her markers and she’s gonna send them to me at some point so I’m gonna wait for them and maybe make nicer ones!

51pegasi-b said: No, YOU!

Noooo, YOU