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I saw my friend today who I haven’t seen in a couple of years





Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

I been waiting for the daily show to come back so they could cover this

Jon rip them boys a new asshole 

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Dancing Baby Groot!

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learning to draw is like driving on the highway like yeah sure you need to be watching other people but you REALLY need to focus on your own lane and your own destination or youre gonna follow that stupid fucking minivan all the way to tuskegee and then what. you didnt want to go to tuskegee. why did you follow that van look now youre in fucking tuskegee.

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Aug. 26 11:55 am


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Bonnie and Marcy

Oh my gosh Little Sister doesn’t like Silence Is All You Know

I was going to force her to perform it in school with me but she doesn’t like it ugh. What’s the point of having a little sister if i can’t extort musical performances from it


Donald Glover will be voicing Miles Morales as Spider-Man in the upcoming Disney XD series.

"The new season of Disney XD’s animated series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors will take Peter Parker through various parallel worlds, including one where he meets Miles Morales, his half-Hispanic, half-black counterpart, voiced by Glover. The season premieres Sunday (9 a.m. ET/PT), and the "Spider-Verse" arc of episodes airs next year."

Read more and watch a clip here.


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ēligere (latin) - v. [present active infinitive of ēligō]; pick out, choose; see eligo, electus

A webcomic about a girl with powers.

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Guess who updated her comic today? It was me!



there’s some sort of disconnect between my hand and the screen when i draw with my tablet

coloring and editing is easy enough

but drawing the actual linework is so difficult and frustrating

does anyone have any advice for a new tablet user?

*edits and tags a few of my art senpais and hopes they are not too busy and don’t mind*

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Anyone have any advice for a newbie?

Not sure if anything I add will be of more use to what’s already been said but I think you will probably have to get used to your new tablet. I started with a wacom, then when I got my second wacom it wasn’t too bad because y’know same make, similar settings. Then I got a huion which was hella different, and I couldn’t change the settings of pen/tablet so I had to adjust the program i using. And when I used my wacom on my laptop it was different from when i used it on the computer???

There probably is a better way, but other than maybe adjusting tablet settings (if you can) or adjusting your medium levels, you’ll prolly have to get used to it

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